I provide fitness and massage services to help you thrive in the life you want.  From overall pain relief and alleviating tension to more specific, targeted treatment of postural correction and muscular imbalance.

Mainly, I facilitate your process by meeting you where you are at and exploring how we can get you where you want to go.  I am merely offering my toolbox, experience, and philosophy so you are successful in your progress. Whether we’re doing massage on the table, designing a lifestyle plan, or exploring muscular conditioning, we are working together to help you create the lasting change you’re hoping for.  Ultimately, your healing, your growth, your shift, comes from you.

Change doesn’t happen overnight (too bad, right?) and sometimes change can feel heavy and unpleasant.  Part of my role is to help keep you motivated during your process by keeping things light, so your movement forward is manageable.  Don’t worry, I’ll push you in a supportive way too.  😉  This process takes time and I’m here to help get you where you want to go.

Let’s enhance your vitality, build your confidence, and create longevity so you‘re not just living your life, but thriving in the life you want.

Until then, be well, laugh often, and don’t forget to play!


“Be well,

laugh often,

find the play!”

- J9